The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). I also understand that:
•Protected health information (PHI) is individually identifiable health information that is created, maintained or used within or by IntelliChoice Home Care and/or its business clients.
•Protected health information is not available to the public.
•Special precautions are necessary to protect this type of information from unlawful or unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure or destruction.
•In order to help ensure the confidentiality and privacy of this information, I agree to:
•Access, use or modify protected health information only as needed for the purposes of performing my official duties.
•Never access or use protected health information out of curiosity, or for personal interest or advantage, or in the presence of unauthorized any third party.
•Never show, discuss, or disclose protected health information to or with anyone who does not have the legal authority.
•Never retaliate, coerce, threaten, intimidate or discriminate against or take other retaliatory actions against individuals or others who file complaints or participate in investigation or compliance reviews.
•Never remove protected health information from the work area without proper written authorization.
•Never share passwords with anyone or store passwords in a location accessible to unauthorized persons.
•Always store protected health information in a place physically secure from access by unauthorized persons and out of plain view.
•Dispose of protected health information by utilizing an approved method of destruction (i.e. shredding). I will not dispose of such information in wastebaskets or recycle bins.

I understand that penalties for violating one of the above limitations may include disciplinary action including possible termination, civil or criminal prosecution.

Through any application for employment, onboarding for employment, or through actually employment with IntelliChoice Home Care , I certify that I have read, understand and agree to comply with all statements above.