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IntelliChoice is proud to offer a

$1000 Hiring Bonus

IntelliChoice Home Care is providing this case-specific opportunity for a hiring bonus because of the critical role nurses play in keeping medically fragile patients at home. That is why home care is so vital to the community. Home care is changing for the better and now is a great time to experience how it can make a difference for you!

See Details Below for More Information!

$1000 Hiring Bonus Details

  • Once RN or LPN works 100 *total hours they receive 1st bonus of $250 
  • Once RN or LPN works 200 *total hours they receive a 2nd bonus of $250  
  • Once RN or LPN works 300 *total hours they receive the 3rd bonus of $250  
  • Once RN or LPN works 400 *total hours they receive last bonus of $250
  • Former nurses who have worked for IntelliChoice are only eligible if they have not worked any hours with IntelliChoice in the past 6 months.
  • This Hiring Bonus is only available for nurses who apply and are hired to work for the specific cases being advertised/posted with this opportunity.  This is NOT currently being offered for all Private Duty Nursing opportunities for RN/LPN that IntelliChoice has available.

* total hours = billable hours.  Orientation hours do not count toward total hours.

Apply for the Hiring Bonus Below!