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IDD Services

Every day, we go above and beyond to deliver quality services that meet the unique needs of each person served. Our services are specific to your individualized preferences, needs, and strengths and are provided by trained,  highly qualified staff.  We provide Innovations Waiver, Medicaid B3, and State-Funded Services using a Person-Centered Model in the home and community. IntelliChoice can provide service up to 24 hours per day 7 days per week, according to the Individual’s Service Plan.

Services We Provide

Community Networking

Community Networking Services are designed to promote maximum participation in the community while developing natural supports. Community Networking services enable individuals to increase or maintain their capacity for independence and develop social roles in a variety of community settings.

Community Living and Supports

Supports successful living and activities in the individual’s home and community. The emphasis is on learning new skills and/or improving existing skills. This service provides for supervision & assistance for individuals to complete activities at their level of independence.

Respite/ Nursing Respite 

Provides support to give the individual’s families with a break from care. The individual’s person-centered plan determines the level of respite care needed (DSP, CNA, LPN or RN).

Supported Employment Services

Provides assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for beneficiaries ages 16 and older for whom competitive employment has not been achieved and/or has been interrupted or intermittent.

Initial Supported Employment assists individuals with developing skills to seek, obtain and/or maintain competitive employment or develop an operating a micro-enterprise.

The transition to long-term supported employment should occur within one year of successful competitive employment. 

Specialized Consultative Services

We are unique in that we have a Respiratory Therapist on staff in each of our offices. We can provide expertise, training & technical assistance to assist in meeting the respiratory needs of our members. IntelliChoice also offers Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Registered Dietician and Nursing SCS services (availability dependent on service on location).

Additional Services

With IntelliChoice’s other Nursing and Aide Services, we can help complete the continuum of care for many individuals who need additional assistance due to medical fragility. 

Why IntelliChoice is a Trusted Provider


Want to make a referral for services?

IntelliChoice Home Care accepts referrals from care coordinators, medical practices, individuals receiving services and their families or any other community resources. IntelliChoice Provides Innovations Waiver, Medicaid B3, and State-Funded Services throughout North Carolina. To make a referral, please contact us at 1-(844) 367-6284 for Intake Information or reach out to us by our Contact Form.

As a client of IntelliChoice Home Care, you have the following client rights:

Be fully informed in writing, prior to or at the time of admission of these Rights and Responsibilities.

Be informed of the criteria for admission and discharge prior to or at the time of admission.

Be fully informed if the criteria for admission have not been met and assisted in notifying the care coordinator or other referral for alternative options available in the community.

Be accorded impartial access to quality treatment and services that are available and to be informed of your right to make decisions concerning your care regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, illness, infectious disease, disability, age, or religion.

Have the right to accept or refuse services, the right to refuse to answer questions, and the right to formulate advance directives concerning your care and the agency’s policies regarding these rights.

Be fully informed of, prior to or at the time of admission, all medically necessary items and services available regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, illness, infectious disease, disability, age, or religion.

Be fully informed in advance about the care and treatment to be provided by IntelliChoice, including the nature and purpose of any clinical procedures to be performed, as well as who will perform the procedures.

Receive information necessary to make decisions regarding the care of the individual served in a language or form the individual can reasonably be expected to understand, including assistance in obtaining special devices, interpreters or other aids to facilitate communication.

Communicate in the native language of the individual served with other individuals or IntelliChoice employees for the purpose of obtaining or providing any type of treatment, care or services.

Be treated with respect, consideration and recognition of the individual’s dignity and individuality, including privacy in treatment and in care for personal needs.

Be assured that all information concerning the client, including personal and medical records, will be treated in a confidential manner and that they will be read only by individuals directly involved in the client’s treatment or the monitoring of its quality, and by others only on the authorization of the client or the client’s legally responsible person.

Be informed that written consent is required for the release of medical records to any individual outside of IntelliChoice except in the case of transfer to another facility, or as required by law for third-party payment contracts, or as authorized by the client in writing.

Be informed that in signing the Consent for Services and Medical Records Release the client has authorized release of the client’s medical records to IntelliChoice and to all other entities involved in the client’s care.

Be guaranteed at least 48 hours notification prior to discharge from services, except when admission to an inpatient facility is appropriate, or when discharge is determined by the Administrator and/or Clinical Director and/or QP or I/DD Director to be necessary to protect the health and welfare of the staff member providing services.

Be assured that IntelliChoice personnel who provide care are qualified through education and experience to carry out the service and treatment for which they are responsible.

Be assured that client will be able to identify IntelliChoice Home Care Personnel through proper identification

Be assured that IntelliChoice personnel will provide appropriate teaching to the client and caregiver to ensure self-care and assistance with care whenever possible.

Know that the plan of care will be developed with the client and the individual’s care coordinator, in cooperation with the appropriate IntelliChoice staff members, as desired by the client and family.

Have an opportunity to participate in planning his or her services, request a change in services, and to give voluntary informed consent, or refuse to participate in any proposed treatment/services.

To refuse care, treatment, or services to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of such actions, if they are known.

Continuity of care as well as safe and efficient care appropriate to the needs of the client provided in a timely manner and, at an appropriate level of intensity for the client’s condition and sufficient to maintain or improve the health and comfort of the individual in their place of residence and/or the community.

Have the right to have their pain assessed and managed.

Have the individual’s property treated with respect.

Voice grievances with respect to treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished without discrimination, or reprisal for voicing grievances and without restraint, interference or coercion.

Be informed upon admission of IntelliChoice’s mechanism for receiving, reviewing and resolving patient complaints and be provided the telephone number, address, and procedures for filing a grievance or complaint confidentially without reprisal.

Not to be physically or mentally abused, retaliated against, humiliated, neglected, or exploited.

The freedom to choose service and healthcare providers at their own free will.

Have the right to expression of choice regarding the composition of their service delivery team.

Have the right to access their own record and the right to assistance from a staff member or an advocate to understand the information contained in the records.


The individual and responsible family members or caregivers are responsible for following any treatment plan developed by the physician, if applicable.

Inform IntelliChoice of any advance directive and of any changes in advance directives.

Provide IntelliChoice with a copy of any Advance Directive.

The client or legally responsible person is responsible for any charges relative to services provided by IntelliChoice and not covered by a third-party payer.

The client or caregiver is responsible for notifying IntelliChoice, if, for any reason that scheduled visits cannot be made or scheduled shifts are to be canceled.

The client or legally responsible has the responsibility to provide and ensure a safe environment to the direct care staff, which includes but not limited to; being free from physical, verbal, sexual abuse or discrimination, and which safe and effective care may be rendered by the staff.

Have a Concern or Complaint?

IntelliChoice Home Care strives to provide the best possible care in a customer friendly manner. If you feel that you have a complaint, concern, or grievance, please contact IntelliChoice Home Care at 252-215-5656 or your local office.  You may also submit your concern online by completing the online complaint/ grievance form.

You have the right to make a complaint without fear of reprisal. IntelliChoice Home Care encourages open communication to provide you/your family member with the best possible care.